What are The Grace Collection bags made from? 
The Grace Collection totes are 100% neoprene.

What size are The Grace Collection totes?
Tote: W 50cm x H 38cm x D 13cm
Pouch: L 26cm x W 20cm

Are The Grace Collection totes machine washable?
They sure are. We recommend washing your tote as soon as possible if your bag becomes marked or stained. Simply hand wash or a delicate machine cycle wash in cold water with gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly then drip dry. Stain remover (non-chlorine only) can be applied to stubborn marks.

Anything else I should know about caring for my bag?
Due to the compactness of postage, your tote may arrive slightly out of shape. Simply hang it up overnight on a handle or speed up the process with a bit of steam. DO NOT dry-clean, tumble dry or iron. Please avoid rough surfaces and treat your bag with lots of love.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

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